November Perl Mongers Meeting - Damian Conway on Perl 6

Scott Penrose scottp at
Wed Nov 6 14:42:28 CST 2002

This months Perl Mongers meeting will be held on November 13th at 6pm
at myinternet in North Melbourne, where Damian Conway will be
presenting Perl 6.

Don't miss this key presentation on the new perl from the worlds best 
presenter and one of the perl community's leading lights.

(See for more)

Along with this excellent talk, this night will give you an opportunity 
to win
a signed copy of Damians Book - "Object Oriented Perl" with a second
prize of "Rebel Code" by Glyn Moody.

the first chapter of Moody's dramatic chronicle of the Free Software 
and Open
Source movements).

As the talk goes for about 3 hours we will also be providing food
(nibbles and some hot food) and drink (coffee, tea and water).

		Wednesday 13th of November
		6pm - doors open from 5:30pm

		Level 8, myinternet House
		14-20 Blackwood Street
		North Melbourne

		Perl 6 Update - by Damian Conway
		Raffle for Object Oriented Perl and Rebel Code
		Free Food and Drink

		Drink and fun atmosphere in the Pub (The Metropolitan)

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