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Scott Penrose scottp at
Sun May 5 17:30:27 CDT 2002

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Hey Guys

If anyone writes a new module in Melbourne PM they should definitely 
announce it to this list, I know I will be interested.

I have finally completed Device::ParallelPort. It is uploaded onto CPAN 
along with a number of options.

	Device::ParallelPort - API to do low level control of parallel ports
						Includes script driver, dummy drivers and an 
example Printer device.
	Device::ParallelPort::drv::linux - Direct IO access to i386 ISA 
style parallel ports on linux
								  Requires Root Access
	Device::ParallelPort::drv::parport - /dev/parport access to linux 
parallel port (preferred method).
	Device::ParallelPort::JayCar - Currently one (more to come) of the 
JayCar controller boards

To come soon (partially worked on but not complete)
	Device::ParallelPort::drv::win32 - Windows 32 access via a free DLL
	Device::ParallelPort::drv::FreeBSD - Free BSD (current remember the 
interface name) driver.

I am also keen on adding other devices, so if anyone has any parallel 
attached non-kernel driver devices that they want control over with 
perl, let me know.

I am also keen on doing a MacOSX version using the many USB Parallel 
Cables, but I don't even know where to start.

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