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On Thursday, March 21, 2002, at 01:26 , Jacinta Richardson wrote:

>> Amanda has drawn up a poster for us for the conference this Saturday...
> That's cool!  We need to redo our homepage though.  Perhaps have links 
> to
> all of these companies we're from.  Melbourne Perl Monger Perl 
> shops.  :)
> Perhaps some links to other perl resources... perlmonks etc.

Already have, and already have :-) It should be up tonight (just waiting 
for approval on the use of the Camel from O'Reilly, don't ask !)

> I'm willing to generate the content if anyone can tell me how to access
> our web page's shell account.  If anyone (Amanada?) want's to help by
> making the content beautiful, that'd be nice.

After I put it up I may need help, but it is fairly automatic. It just 
takes a set of text and pod files and generates all the neat stuff 
around it. Thats why I got people to send me the Perl shop stuff as pod.

> ---
> Our head contact person should be changed, as I suspect that
> skud at is probably not forwarding anymore (not to mention
> that Kirrily was in Canada last time I heard).  That's the head contact
> listed on the perl mongers map anyway.

This brings up a point we must discuss, which is our structure. We are 
now re registered with O'Reilly (with my details), and I believe Paul 
has been changed on I guess we need some positions, even if 
they are in name only.

> Checking out
> Melbourne is listed twice, once under Kirrily and once with Nick.  Is 
> Nick
> still with us?  Hi Sharkey?  If not, does anyone want to advertise
> themselves as a good contact point?  (Paul?  Scott?)

Either, I will put this on my list of things to fix.

> I wonder if the Prahran group is active?
> ---
> For what it's worth I was reading the FAQ <>
> And thought we should consider this:
> The Perl Mongers logo
> Can I make my own camel logo?
>     The camel used in association with the Perl language is a trademark 
> of
>     O'Reilly & Associates. Thus, you would have to ask them, although 
> we can
>     help you go through that process if you need to. Be warned that 
> this can be
>     a lengthy process and that only the most professionally designed 
> logos are
>     likely to pass muster with O'Reilly. You should seriously consider 
> using the
>     existing Perl Mongers logo which was chosen after almost a year of 
> effort
>     and many trips back to the ad agency.

I already have partial approval (ie: someone at O'Reilly said that 
should be fine, but it hasn't been seen by the official person yet). The 
message is in their court - shouldn't be long.

> Can I use the Perl Mongers logo?
>     Perl Mongers groups can use the logo that appears on this page on 
> their own
>     web page as long as they include the following text somewhere (able 
> to be
>     clearly seen) on the page:
> 	The use of the camel image in association with the Perl language is
> 	a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. Used with permission.
>     Use of the Perl Mongers logo in other media is evaluated on a case 
> by case
>     basis since Perl Mongers is legally liable for its misuse. Our 
> license with
>     O'Reilly & Associates requires us to report misuse of the Camel 
> logo with
>     the Perl Mongers name. Help us not get in trouble.

We have done the web site with the colours of Amanda's Camel etc, but we 
can change the image if we must.
If we do find that they do not approve the Camel, then we SERIOUSLY need 
a new logo for the Perl community. The use of the word 'perl' is free to 
use anywhere about perl, good, bad etc... The use of the word perl in 
association with an image, should also be the same rules - you should be 
able to put up a camel and say - Perl sux because...

>> BTW. Is anyone interested in coming to help out with myself, Paul and
>> Amanda on Saturday ? Or even is there anyone coming along?
> I'll be there.  :)

Great, ta...


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