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 Cowsnet Internet and Professional Services

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Rob Casey <rob at>

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Internet Service Provider, Web Development


Custom programming and web application development can be employed for
clients with web-based projects that have specific and unique
requirements.  These solutions can be developed and implemented across a
wide number of platforms incorporating HTML, XML, PHP, Perl, Java and
SSL encryption.  Examples of custom programming solutions implemented by
Cowsnet Internet and Professional Services include a selective file
caching solution for Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University and
real-time, credit-card payment and settlement systems.

Also offered under the umbrella of web application development is
database integration which allows companies to offer their clients a
greater breadth and depth of product information through their web site,
encouraging clients to become better informed and more involved in the
consumer process.  Ranging from simple XML formatted text files through
to multi-table, dependency-driven SQL-based relational databases,
Cowsnet Internet Services can develop and implement a range of database
integration solutions.  Examples of database integration solutions
implemented by Cowsnet Internet and Professional Services include
on-line product catalogues and ordering systems and customisable user
interfaces and site directories.


Its times like this that you wish the 'use less' pragma actually did
something - Chop and edit as you see fit :-)

Rob Casey
Business Manager, Senior IT Consultant
Cowsnet Internet and Professional Services

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> Twice now at the recent perl meeting I have been asked what
> other perl
> shops exist.
> This would be a great thing to have on the perl mongers web
> site (where
> people want to be known).
> Until I do something better, how about emailing me details, something
> along the lines of...
> (start)
> myinternet
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Scott Penrose <scottp at>

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Internal Perl Developers


myinternet employee approximately 18 full time perl
developers. myinternet develop internet access software
for the K-12 Market. Most code is internal and
propriatory, but some is available Open Source.


Of course this may not be ours exactly, just a quick idea, I will revise

this before publishing.

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Scott Penrose
Open source and Linux Developer
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