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Sun Mar 17 17:02:37 CST 2002

G'day everyone,

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 08:19:35PM +1100, Scott Penrose wrote:

> Amanda has put together a logo for us so that we can place it on a 
> poster...
> Personally I think it looks very hip. We can use it as our logo for 
> other things to, eg: the web site.

The camel is very cute, and I do like it. Although until I looked closely
I could have sworn it was wearing lipstick.  :)

I have only two concerns.  Actually, one reminder, and one concern.

Reminder: The use of a camel (or llama) in association with Perl is
	  a trademark of O'Reilly and associates.  We should send
	  a mail to permissions at in order to obtain their
	  blessing.  I've never had O'Reilly say "no" before.
	  (see for full details)

Concern:  That the image looks great in colour, but may not look great
	  when printed in black-and-white (eg, pamphlets, etc).

Observation: Camels' knees bend the opposite direction on the front
             than the back.

Identity:  There's a bunch of PerlMongers clothing out there
	   Do we care that melb.PM may have a different logo to
	   everyone else?

All the best,


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