[MLUG] reboot CGI script needed

Jeremy Lunn jeremy at austux.net
Sun Mar 10 05:18:26 CST 2002

On Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 08:49:16PM +1100, Bryan Nolen wrote:
> I have an... unusual request:
> does any have, or could write a cgi script (pref perl) that could run a 
> command like "su root -c '/sbin/reboot'", given that the root password be 
> passed it it from the URL.

Probably safer using sudo and some alternative means of authentication.
You can use webmin to reboot as well.

> I know this is not secure, but lets say that the server is not taking 
> telnet/ssh sessions but is still serving FTP/HTTP/HTTPS (very weird) and I 
> don't wanna have to pay $150/hr to get access to the data centr on the long 
> weekend to do a reboot :)

A better approach would be to have a 486 or something old acessible only
by a dialup modem and from there using a null modem cable with console
on serial support on your server.  Or something like that.  You could
also get a realweasel card which would give you serial access to the
bios and a means of cold rebooting.

Jeremy Lunn
Melbourne, Australia
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