Hash or List to constructors

Rob rob at cowsnet.com.au
Sun Jun 30 18:27:38 CDT 2002

G'Day Scott,

> My preference for simple constructors (eg: DBI) is to hand just one 
> parameter. But for complex entries (eg: DBI options) it is 
> best to use a 
> hash, or even a hash ref.

I usually go the way of a hash/hashref for complex constructors, as I
feel this offers a more intuitive model rather than an order list of
values.  I mentioned hash/hashref as I often do something like this ...

sub foo {

    my %options;
    if (ref $_[0] eq 'HASH') {
        %options = shift;
    } else {
        if (scalar(@_) % 2) {
            %options = @_;
        } else {
            croak( 'Uneven number of arguments passed to foo - Argument
should be a hash or hash reference' );


Rob Casey
Business Manager, Senior IT Consultant
Cowsnet Internet and Professional Services

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