July Meeting Preperation

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Wed Jun 26 16:16:18 CDT 2002

In the last perl mongers we discussed the idea of grouping our meetings 
into themes.

Graeme offered to talk about MS Excel file manipulation, but due to him 
being away this month I suggest we make that the August meeting.

Send me some ideas, but I thought that it would be nice this month to 
talk about "Web Services"

We would need of course an introductions from someone to actually 
clarify which of the many meanings of "Web Services" we want this 
time :-)

Daniel Walmsley has offered to talk about a new and exciting project he 
is working on called 'Agents'

Please send off any proposals to the list.

Scott Penrose
Open source developer
scottp at dd.com.au

Dismaimer: Open sauce usually ends up never coming out (of the bottle).

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