Single API for Email access (sounding insane huh?)

Jeremy Howard jhoward at
Wed Jun 12 21:39:00 CDT 2002

David Dick wrote:

>while we're on the topic of sounding insane, how far are we from writing
>a completely GPLed version of MS Exchange (a la Samba)... 
>cos we have Cyrus for IMAP, take your pick for SMTP, take your pick for
>the DB Backend, Jabber for MSN Messenger (and everything else) and if
>webDAV is the protocol for the calendaring functions, i think the gate
>is beginning to swing open.... and what is a really good language for
>gluing all that stuff together? :)
>am i missing something else that Exchange does? it's been so long since
>i was on that platform... :)
The components exist, but then you need a client that can talk to 
them... One approach is to use MS Outlook as the client, and then use 
Bynari Insight Connector as a gateway between IMAP and Outlook: .

Evolution is slowly moving in the direction of working as a full 
groupware client using IMAP as the server.

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