Perl Mongers Meeting, tomorrow night !

Scott Penrose scottp at
Tue Jun 11 01:55:45 CDT 2002

Hey Dudes

The Melbourne Perl Mongers monthly meeting is on tomorrow night. Do you 
ever feel that things sneak up real fast :-)

Anyway we wil be meeting at 6:30 with a fairly informal meeting:

	- Perl interface to WINE by Simon Taylor
	- Fastmail by Jeremy Howard

Some Other Modules:

	- Net::SSH::Perl
	- Crypt::OpenPGP
	- HTTP::Webdav
		by Scott Penrose

Followed by a discussion on the latest of Perl 6.

Scott Penrose
VP in charge of Pancakes
scottp at

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immediately to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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