Laugh. (PHP-HOWTO)

Jacinta Richardson jarich at
Tue Jul 9 18:39:02 CDT 2002

Reading the PHP How-to ( I just
had to share the following snippets with you:

    PHP is the next big thing after HTML because today nobody writes
    static HTML but uses PHP (generate on the fly, embedded dynamic
    HTML). PHP 'kind-of' supercedes "static HTML". PHP is a very
    powerful scripting language. PHP will overtake PERL/Python and
    will replace PERL/Python. PHP is the next-generation PERL/Python
    scripting. PHP can do whatever PERL or Python does and actually
    does much more, much better and much, much cleaner. 	
    	[all in bold of course]

    PHP's strength are :

	* PHP is the most superior technology. Other technologies
	  PERL, Python, Tcl, VB script, ASP are older and inferior
	  technologies. Even Java/JSP is inferior to PHP.
	*  General purpose scripting language much superior to PERL,
	   VB script, ASP, JSP.

    Why PHP ? PHP is the best because of the following reasons:

        * PERL is "YUCKY" (distasteful) because it is hard to read and
	  maintain the programs. Not object oriented. Forget PERL and
	  goto PHP. PERL programmers like PHP! PHP is actually a
	  "modern PERL", but with a different name called "PHP".
	* Java is object-oriented but is very SLOW. Java programs
	  run very slow. Also Java is immensely complex and
	  sophosticated technology (has many layers like JVM, JIT and
	  others). And complexity and sophostication leads to
	  problems. If there is Linux on server-side then why do you
	  need Java in servers ?
	* Python is "good" but there are no C like brackets/braces
	  which are useful for code navigation in vi editor. It is
	  like your hand is broken if you cannot navigate rapidly the
	  source code using vi/emacs editor's seek braces/brackets
	  commands. PHP is technologically more advanced than Python.
	* PHP is the best because it is object oriented and has the
	  best features of C/C++/Java/PERL/Python. It can replace
	  PERL, Python, Java, C, C++, awk, Unix shell scripting, MS
	  Visual Basic and others!! PHP runs direct and PHP is written
	  in C.
	* Each and every computer programmer knows why PHP is the
	  best. Ask your nearby computer programmer.
        * Only PHP will prevail in the 21st and 22nd century and beyond!
	* Why do think every PERL, Python and Java programmers are
	  flocking to PHP ?? There is a very strong reason.
	* Every person in the world wants PHP. PHP blast is causing
	  shock-waves around the world!!
	* The world is dominated by PHP. There is PHP everywhere and
	  anywhere... PHP, PHP, PHP everywhere..

It's a crack up.


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