Perl Mongers on Wednesday - 10th of July - 6:30 pm

Scott Penrose scottp at
Tue Jul 9 02:17:23 CDT 2002

Hey Ho,

It is Perl Mongers Time again.

Tomorrow nights topic is "Web Services"

Agenda for tomorrow night so far is:

  - Web Services
	. An introduction
	. Which definition to use tonight :-)
	. XML-RPC, SOAP, NEST and more friendly acronyms.

  - SOAP::Lite - Scott Penrose
	. a simple client example

  - SOAP::Lite - Jeremy Howard
	. A server example used by FastMail

  - Agents - Daniel Walmsley
	. What is an Agent anyway?
	. The Agents Project

  - NON Presentation Talk - Committee ! - Scott Penrose
	. Do we want one (eg: to help with Advocacy)
	. How should we vote ?

	myinternet House
	Level 8
	14 Blackwood Street
	North Melbourne

	Wednesday 10th of July - 6:30 pm
	Doors open at 6pm.
	Doors closed at 6:45pm.

Don't forget to tell all your friends and advocate this fantastic 
group :-)

Scott Penrose
Open source developer
scottp at

Dismaimer: Open sauce usually ends up never coming out (of the bottle).

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