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G'day Graeme,

	I've taken the liberty to quote the relevant parts
of your mail to the mailing list.  I trust you don't

On Sat, Jan 19, 2002 at 12:54:56PM +1100, Graeme Cross wrote:

> I would prefer a later starting time. 6pm is a stretch for people working in 
> the eastern suburbs (I'm working in Mt Waverley).
> Would 6.30 be a reasonable compromise?

I think 6:30pm sounds like a fine time, and since it will give me an
extra 30 minutes to prepare my talk, I'm happy for it to be the starting
time of the February talk.  That's provided nobody else objects.  :)

I know that Dr Damian Conway is expecting an earlier (6pm) start for
the March meeting, so that he can present his talk and get back
to his country estate before turning into a pumpkin.  Given that
I know that he'll be doing 2-3 hours of commuting in order to
provide our amusement, I'm hesitant to ask him to come any later.

I think that going to a Damian talk is worth knocking off
30 minutes early.  :)

> On another note -- are you on the LUV Programmers SIG mailing list? If not, I 
> am happy to cross-post the MelbPM meeting announcements there for you (we 
> meet fourth Tuesday of the month at MyInternet).

I used to be on the LUV Programmers list, but dissapeared from it
at one point due to an incredibly lengthly re-delegation.
I should really get myself re-subscribed.  In the meantime, cross-posting meeting announcements would be very much appreciated.

All the best,

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