How to store data for a perl module

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On Monday, February 25, 2002, at 01:30 , Joshua Goodall wrote:
> The FreeBSD Ports/Packages people solved this by introducing
> BSDPAN which forces CPAN modules to actually mesh with the
> platform-specific packaging system, registering themselves and so
> forth. It works by overriding various MakeMaker methods (a nice
> object-pattern-based solution), and can IIRC be found in FreeBSD
> 5.0-CURRENT.

Actually no it doesn't. As you mentioned above it only replaces the 
MakeMaker methods.
The whole point of what I am talking about here has been missed. It is 
'resources' = 'files' that are not handled correctly or at all by 
MakeMaker - obviously in those cases replacing the methods also does not 
help. As mentioned, the current systems that deal with this just as the 
user at install time - which is more standard tar.gz package way of 
doing things and not a proper package management system, but as you 
mentioned below CPAN is not a good package manager.

> CPAN is very poor as a package management solution, and this kind
> of technique overcomes its limitations in ways that sysadmins
> like me (with hundreds of (unfortunately not FreeBSD) boxes to
> co-manage) find consistent and conducive to administrative harmony;
> that is, I can then distribute a native binary package to my boxes.

Yes it is. And it does NOT play nicely with others, but that is more how 
people write modules than the CPAN packaging part.

> Several interesting threads on the topic run from:
> db/text/2001/freebsd-ports/20010401.freebsd-ports
> 20010107.freebsd-ports
> db/text/2001/freebsd-ports/20010204.freebsd-ports
> Incidentally - when I've needed to have configuration data shared

NOT configuration data. As mentioned - resources. Resources being 
images, fonts etc. Not configuraiton.

> between Java & Perl, I've had the default file in the
> .jarfile (which is usually in the classpath) but been able to
> override it by prepending (prior to VM startup) the location of an
> external alternative to the classpath itself; the standard classloader
> will find the alternative, thus opaquing the default. Non-reusable
> java classes (e.g. the execution monitor of an application server),
> however, often ignore this convention and ask for full paths anyway.

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