Perl Mongers meeting TONIGHT

Paul Fenwick pjf at
Tue Feb 12 18:22:40 CST 2002

G'day Everyone,
	Just a quick reminder that there is a Perl Monger meeting
TONIGHT (Wednesday 13th):

Features will include:

        * "Using Strict" by Paul Fenwick
        * "Perl and XML" by Scott Penrose
        * "Perl Redispatch" by Paul Fenwick

        ...and any other short talks or snippets that people
wish to show or tell.  :)  If I've forgotten anyone's talk,
please correct me, the omission was not intentional.

        The meeting will kick off at 6:30pm at MyInternet House,
Blackwood St, North Melbourne.  We'll all be up on the top floor.

        All the best,


Paul Fenwick <pjf at> |
Director of Training                   | Ph:  +61 3 9354 6001
Perl Training Australia                | Fax: +61 3 9354 2681
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