Reminder, meeting this Wednesday (Perl Mongers)

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Sat Feb 9 19:57:55 CST 2002

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> 	The meeting will kick off at 6:30pm at MyInternet House,
> Blackwood St, North Melbourne.  We'll all be up on the top floor.

I know this probably sounds late, but I just wanted to inform you that 
use of the room has been officially approved.

Some quick instructions for new comers.

	Level 8
	14 Blackwood Street
	North Melbourne

You can't miss the building - it is called "myinternet house"
However the doors lock at 5:30, therefore we will have someone on the 
door from 6pm until 6:45pm. If you arrive before or after this time you 
can ring me on 8379 2050 or 0417 885 330 - also I always put up a note 
leaving the details and phone number.
The door situation is unfortunately but hasn't presented to much of a 
problem for LUV meetings, so hopefully won't here either.
I usually open the room 30 minutes early - ie: 6 - so that presenters 
are welcome to come up to 30 minute early to check the environment.

The Room.
	- Big Projector
	- Linux and Windows Box
	- Lots of chairs (not sure, but probably a maximum of about 200 
people, I will check).
	- Toilets in the foyer.
	- (Windows 2000 (I think))
	- (Linux - Debian 3.0 - Woody, kept up to date).

If you need stuff installed (eg: a programming language, drivers, 
libraries etc) it is a good idea to email me before the even so I can 
make sure it is up to date - but we have a fast link so it does not 
usually take long.

You can bring a portable, but always keep a backup plan, you are not 
guaranteed to get a video connection. Although you can get a network 
connection from a portable it is undesirable - so if you need internet 
access - plan to use our existing workstation.

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