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I came across your website, and thought I would send you a copy of  my CV
/ Resume (please scroll down the page) to see if you are in need of any
help in promoting your site with regards to Search Engines or if your
company requires any Accounting help.  I am currently living in Thailand
and would like to assist you in any way I can.  Please contact me
015151302 or on thailandtony at and we can discuss your immediate
needs.   Thank you and have a nice day.

Tony Heller


Finance Manager / Accounting Consultant / LAN Administrator

     My name is Tony Heller and I am a 33-year-old Canadian male,
presently living in Jomtien, Thailand.  I am seeking employment as a
Finance Manager or for contract work as an Independent Consultant for a
company based in South East Asia.  I am willing to re-locate anywhere in
Thailand and would also consider a position in another South East Asian

     I recently moved to Thailand, largely as a result of September 11th,
after eight years of living and working in Indonesia. (I worked for four
years in Jakarta and another four in Bali.)  I can speak Bahasa Indonesia
(Indonesian language) fluently.  

     I am a Certified General Accountant and have a Finance Degree from
the British Columbia Institute of Technology located in Vancouver, B.C.
Canada.  I have held positions as both Finance Manager and Computer
Consultant for several large companies in Asia. My primary roles have been
consolidating accounting data and organizing that data into clear and
precise Financial Statements that Managers, Directors and Owners can
clearly understand. 

     My past 3 years were spent building Bali System Development, a
computer software company that focuses on writing software databases,
multi media presentations and general LAN support issues.  As an owner of
that company with 30 programming staff, I have a great deal of experience
with regard to most computerized accounting methods and solutions.  I have
especially worked extensively with ACCPAC, MYOB and Peachtree.  


Personal Information
  My Background
     I lived with my family in West Vancouver, B.C. Canada until I
attended University.  I was actively involved in many sports and excelled
at soccer and gymnastics during my younger years.  After high school, I
worked on a kibbutz in Israel for 6 months and then backpacked through
most of Asia, the Middle East and Europe.  
     Upon my return to Vancouver in 1987, I enrolled, and completed my
degree in the Finance Management program at The British Columbia Institute
of Technology (B.C.I.T).  After graduating, I enrolled in the final
two-year program of the Certified General Accountants of Canada at night,
and worked for Azcom Information Systems in Vancouver as a Network
Engineer during the day.  After passing the Certified Network Engineer
Program, also at B.C.I.T., I was promoted to the role as LAN Administrator
of  the British Columbia Medical Association and was in charge of more
than 400 personal computers running on a Novell network. 
     In 1994, I decided to take my skills and expertise to Asia, and seek
employment. I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and started consulting for
companies, generally helping them computerize their accounting systems,
troubleshooting various LAN problems, and assisting in any Internet
(Website) assistance required. 
     In 1997 I left Jakarta to take on the position of Finance Manager for
the Bali Golf and Country Club.  I worked there for 1 1/2 years and
decided to leave the position and open my own company.  Bali didn't have
any professional computer companies, at that time, so I opened Bali System
Development. ("BSD")
     BSD grew from 4 programmers to 30 in two years. (Our clientele
included more than 75 companies and individuals.  Business was very good
until September 11th.  
In November 2001, I moved my family to Pattaya, Thailand.  BSD is still a
functional company with 15 programmers and is currently being run by my
partner.  I, however, am now a silent partner and am seeking employment as
either a Finance Manager or Accounting Consultant in South East Asia. I
would also consider the position as a LAN Administrator or any position
that utilizes my skills and expertise.
I am willing to re-locate if necessary, on either a salaried or hourly
contract work basis. I can utilize the programmers at Bali System
Development to help with any necessary programming that may be required.
If you have any further questions regarding my background, please email

I spent my teenage years studying at Hillside Secondary School in West
Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  Shortly after graduation, in 1986, I attended The
British Columbia Institute of Technology in Burnaby, B.C. I completed the
Finance Management Program that gave me the required knowledge and school
grades to have completed my third year of the Certified General
Accountants of Canada program.  The program was 2 years of full time study
primarily based on both Accounting and Computers.  I spent the next two
years being educated during the day working as one of three Network
Technicians on a 400 user Local Area Network and during the evenings
taking courses to complete the C.G.A program in the evenings.


I really enjoy keeping up to date with software and utilities available on
the Internet. I have a large collection of "gadgets" that can solve most
computer difficulties or problems.  I enjoy my MP3 music collection; play
golf and tennis when I have time, and follow most professional sports with
great interest.


How I can assist you?

My experience in owning a company has made me much more aware of the need
in any business setting, to exercise practical judgment insofar as being
cost effective and budget conscious is concerned.  Essentially, I can
assist you by being getting an assignment or task completed in a time
efficient and professional manner.

Accounting Consultancy

As I am a Certified General Accountant and am very well versed with all
Microsoft Office Programs, I am able to prepare reports and presentations
requested by Senior Management.  I have worked extensively with Tax
Reporting, Payroll Management, Balance Sheets and Income Statements,
Inventory and Stock Control and Job Costing.  
LAN Administration

I have been an administrator of Local Area Networks (LANS) as small as two
computers and as large as 400 pc's.  I am very up to date with security
issues within the LAN itself as well as Internet security in general.  I
have experience with :

"	Wide Area Networks,
"	Web servers
"	Mail servers
"	Exchange servers
"	Backup and media storage
"	Firewalls
"	Proxy Servers
"	Virus Protection

Website Development & Management

Over the past eight years, I have piloted the implementation and
development of several static and dynamic websites, as well as web
portals. I am quite proud of the overall look of the websites I have
listed in this document.  Within these websites you will find a
combination of the following components.

"	ASP Programming
"	SQL Server Programming
"	Secure Online Payment Systems
"	Web Hosting
"	Search Engine Placement
"	Website Promotion
"	Flash Macromedia
"	Web based Email
"	Web Forums
"	Bandwidth Management
"	Website Marketing

My Work History

Accounting Consultancy 
I have assisted all of the following companies with their finances in
one-way or another.  I can give more details on a particular company if
(Please note that the companies underlined below also have websites, with
respect to which I have been consulted as well)
"	Gemdealers
"	Bali Golf and Country Club
"	Crystal Divers
"	Siemens
"	Bell Atlantic
"	Planet Hollywood
"	John Hardy Jewelry
"	Quicksilver
"	Bali Adventure Tours
"	Jani Silver
"	Amanusa Resorts
"	Banyan Tree Hotel Chain
"	Great Dividing Range
"	John Deere 
"	Bio Systems Ltd.
"	Allstar's Café
"	Jazz Bar & Grille
"	Azcom Computer Systems
"	Maya Mandiri Gold
"	Bali Hai Cruises
"	Paul Turner Lighting
"	Bali Hai Cruises
"	Tropical Pools Bali
"	Sobek international Rafting
"	The Villas - Bali
"	Oberoi Hotel - Bali
"	Bali International Cricket Club
"	Kelana
Website Development & Management

     I have managed the creation, design, implementation and upkeep of
many websites over the past 10 years.  I have listed 5 of the sites that I
feel are my most impressive work.  If you want to see additional sites I
have worked with, please email me for a complete list.

Tahiti1   (
     A very popular web portal that shows the use of several utilities
that ensure clients are well taken care of.  Examples include French and
English, free email, automatic news updates, a forum and banner
advertising control and management.

Bali System Development  (
     This is my own company's website that I managed.  Inside this site
are very good examples of flash, multimedia and graphics. There is also an
online quotation system that asks a customer what they are interested in
purchasing and calculates the totals for them.  It then displays the
results and then emails a copy directly to the person requesting the
information.  I don't see this facility on many websites. It is unique.  (
     An extremely successful website that sells moissanite and includes an
online payment system.  This is a fantastic example of how proper search
engine registration "pays off".  Type Moissanite in virtually any search
engine and you will see that is in the first results page.

Wibowo Furniture (
     A great example of a database-driven website that uses Microsoft SQL
programming enabling the Webmaster to change products and prices inside a
database, and then upload the new information instantaneously.

Eyeline ( 
     Eyeline is one of Australia's largest swimming wear companies.
Another great example of how a database controls products and prices.  I
piloted this project from inception to its present day success.

Contact me

Tony Heller
#309 - Supanee Towan Condominium's
391/22 M 10 Tuppraya Rd,
Pattaya, Thailand
Mobile Phone Number +6615151302
ICQ # 6240089

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