The joys of pod

Graeme Cross gcross at
Thu Aug 15 00:58:38 CDT 2002

I'm writing some documentation in POD and having problems getting links
to work between pod documents.

I have two pod documents, let's call them grumpy.pod and dopey.pod.
The final documents that go to the client are in HTML format
(grumpy.html and dopey.html).

I thought that I could put a link to grumpy.html in dopey.pod and it
would happily work; eg.
  Refer here to more info about L<grumpy.html>

But I get the following error message when I run pod2html:

  C:\Perl\bin\pod2html.bat: dopey.pod: cannot resolve L<grumpy.html> in 
  paragraph 14. at C:/Perl/lib/Pod/ line 1562.

(This is using the pod2html tool that comes with ActiveState Perl for
Windows, in case that makes a difference).

I have tried a number of (what seemed like sensible) alternatives, read
the POD sections of "Perl in a Nutshell" and "Programming Perl" and I
am none of the wiser.

Is it possible to do cross-document links and, if so, how?


Graeme Cross <gcross at>

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