Perl in a Nutshell

Scott Penrose scottp at
Sun Aug 4 16:12:32 CDT 2002

Great news.

O'Reilly have come through again and sent us a copy of Perl in a 
Nutshell 2nd edition covering perl 5.8

We will be adding it to our growing Melbourne.PM collection.

This along with the other books will be available for loan at the next 
meeting, but please only take newer books (such as this one) if you are 
going to write a 1 paragraph (or longer) review that we can send back to 
O'Reilly, not only out of politeness but also so that we continue to get 
freebies :-)

Also I can make any of the books available between meetings at our 
office front desk on request. So if you need to borrow one of the books 
and you are able to come here (myinternet, Level 8, 14 Blackwood Street, 
North Melbourne) to pick it up, please email me.

Scott Penrose
Anthropomorphic Personification Expert
scott at

Dismaimer: While every attempt has been made to make sure that this 
email only contains zeros and ones, there has been no effort made to 
guarantee the quantity or the order.

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