Regular Expressions

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Fri Apr 12 02:38:38 CDT 2002

What about something like:

my @exceptions; #list of addresses that are exceptions to the rule
my $in_mail; #the mail you received
my $in_address; #address of the mail you received

unless ( { 
	my $filter=0; #0 if no exception was found, 1 if the $in_address is
an exception
	foreach (@exceptions) {
		if(/^$in_address$/) { #if the in address matches an
	$filter; #return the value of $dont_filter
	} ) {
	if(/.*[0-9]{5,10}\@aol.*/) {
		throw_away_mail_from $in_mail; #call some function that
throws away the e-mail

There's probably a bug in there somewhere... and I should be breaking out of
the foreach when I set $dont_filter, but I can't remember how (is there a
break statement in Perl). But that's the idea, I would guess.


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Hey guys

No idea why but this message got bounced to me (owner currently of 
melbourne-pm) because it contained the word 'help' somewhere in the title
Literally I received:
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Anyway, it is of course a legitimate question so here it is...


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> Hi guys/gals,
> I have an anti spam filter that uses regular expressions to take out
> mail
> based on From: addresses
> an example is
> .*[0-9]{5,10}\@aol.*
> which filters all spammer type addresses like fred123456789 at,
> but I
> have a very few addresses that it is catching that I would like to let
> through, so my question is, how can I write a rule with exceptions
> ie ban *123456789 at aol.* except LauraK894820558 at
> Andrew
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