April Melbourne.pm Meeting - Wednesday 6:30pm - Door Prizes :-)

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Mon Apr 8 19:33:16 CDT 2002

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Hello and welcome to another Melbourne Perl Mongers Meeting

Date:	Wednesday 10th of April 2002
When:	6:30pm
Where:	myinternet
		Level 8, 14 Blackwood Street
		North Melbourne


* Welcome and the last month

	In the last month we have had a number of changes, including
	the VTR users group conference, new web site, new logo,
	sponsorship from O'Reilly and more.

* O'Reilly Books

	We have received a number of O'Reilly books for free for the
	group. I am suggesting we start up a library and loan these
	out a monthly basis. We shall talk about it at the meeting :-)

* Door Prize

	Thanks to O'Reilly we have a number of give aways, including
	a Catalogue for everyone that comes, and a few door prizes :-)

* Module Talks

	Still to be confirmed

* Main Talk

	Template Toolkit - The ultimate Template System

	Come and learn how to write templates and how to use them.
	Why they are good and some interesting applications.

	Part 1 - Templates - Kathryn Grant
	Part 2 - Perl and Templates - Scott Penrose

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