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Paul Fenwick pjf at
Thu Sep 20 03:54:07 CDT 2001

G'day everyone,

	Well, I'm finally biting the bullet and am looking at
restarting Perl courses in Melbourne.  I've got Skud's old
notes which I'll be leaning on heavily, and have good contacts
for facilities hire and catering.  It looks like I can also
assemble a couple of classes worth of enrollments, and I'm
looking into advertising options for future courses.

	My big question is what level of course do I run.  I'm
currently contacting a number of organisations trying to gauge
where there's the most interest.  Beginner perl courses immediately
spring to mind, but I'm expecting a lot of companies would probably
be more interested in sending their staff on mid to high-level courses,
covering particular topics like references, database handling, web agents,
the perl debugger, and secure programming.

	If anyone out there has an organisation that is itching
to send someone (or many someones) on a perl course, I'd
love to hear from you.  Given enough interest I'm happy to design
courses for particular company needs, as well as offering
more standard courses with a wider appeal.



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