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Mon Nov 26 03:09:04 CST 2001

On Mon, Nov 26, 2001 at 02:13:36PM +1100, Tim McClelland wrote:
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Yup, it's still here, just a little quiet.  :)

I'm actually hoping to be able to liven things up a little,
including with the (hopeful) addition of some fresh blood
in the next week or two.

Those PerlMongers who haven't yet discovered PerlMonks might
want to take a look.  <>.  As far
on-line communities go, PerlMonks is way up there.  Don't
under-estimate the chatterbox. ;)

Some of you might also remember me making occasional utterance
about starting training courses ever since Netizen dissapeared.
Well, I'm very glad to say that's finally happening.  :)  I'll
post much more information once I finish teaching the first
round of them.  :)



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Director of Training                |  I have a hope for the human race."
Perl Training Australia             |      -- H.G. Wells
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