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Fri Dec 7 04:29:15 CST 2001

G'Day Paul, All

I'd certainly like to attend a get-together on Boxing Day,
but don't think I could make it because of family commitments.  An
evening session however may be a possibility ...

>	Proposed time:  2nd Wednesday of each month, say 6pm?

Excellent ... I'd also like to throw my hat into the ring for a talk - I
guess that means I might have to think of a topic for it ...


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G'day everyone,

Well, I'd say that looked like a reasonable resurrection of
the list, or at least a raise dead.  :)

Here's a summary of what we have so far for PM meetings next year.

	Proposed venue: MyInternet House in Blackwood St, North
			(Thanks Scott!)

	Proposed time:  2nd Wednesday of each month, say 6pm?

	Possible talks:	* Fastmail.FM        - Jeremy Howard & Rob
			* Perl 6 RFC Process - Jeremy Howard
			* Perl Redispatch    - Paul Fenwick
			* Something Good     - Damian Conway (March)
			* Odd presentations  - Adam Clark

That number of potential talks in the course of a few hours is a very
Good Thing.  :)  Anyone want to volunteer to go first?  (You can all
volunteer me if you like.)

We've had one can't make it for Boxing Day LOTR, and the expression of
interest for an evening session.  I'm guessing that means it's
reasonable time for everyone else?  If anyone wants to come dressed as a
camel to freak out all the people dressed as hobbits and elves, I think
it would make a good laugh.  :)



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