Jeremy Howard jh_lists at
Thu Dec 6 22:43:40 CST 2001

> Lord of the Rings / Fellowship of the Ring is being released
> on Boxing Day, and I think it would make a great excuse for a little
> get-together.  Does anyone have any particular times when
> they would/would not like to see this movie?  Seeing it on the day it's
> released has added social interaction of standing in line and
> watching people dressed up as hobbits.  That sounds good to me.
Sounds good. Ideally a time that doesn't clash with the Boxing Day Test
(i.e. after dark would be good).

> For 2002 activities, I have a talk on redispatch in Perl
> that I'd be quite happy to present.  I also have from reliable
> sources that we can expect Damian Conway (who needs no introduction)
> to give a talk in March for  That should be most interesting
> indeed!
It'll be good to have Damian back. Rob Mueller and I could possibly present
a talk sometime next year. We're the main folks behind ,
which seems to be becoming the one of the more popular email services for
techie types around, at least based on the amount of activity on our forum:

FastMail.FM is written entirely in Perl running on mod_perl+Apache, and Rob
and I wrote it completely from scratch over the past three years. I dunno
what people are most interested in, but we could talk about mod_perl, or
writing daemons in Perl (we've got lots of little Perl daemons all over the
place and we've contributed lots to Net::Server and have developed
Net::Server::Event), or we could talk about harnessing Perl modules (Damian
suggested that we should write about this for, so if we ever got
around to that it could be the start of a talk), or anything else anyone is
interested in... Or I guess the other possible talk I could do would be
about the Perl 6 RFC process--I was the chair of the p6-language-data group;
although that's probably old news by now...

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