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Thu Dec 6 21:33:39 CST 2001

G'day fellow Perl Mongers,

	I'm sure that some of you may have noticed that the
list has been a little quiet as of late.  I thought that it would
be very nice to try and liven things up for 2002.

	Lord of the Rings / Fellowship of the Ring is being released
on Boxing Day, and I think it would make a great excuse for a little get-together.  Does anyone have any particular times when
they would/would not like to see this movie?  Seeing it on the day it's
released has added social interaction of standing in line and
watching people dressed up as hobbits.  That sounds good to me.

	Of course, it would also make sense for a movie-viewing to
form the first meeting of 2002.

	Talking of meetings, I'd love to see them get started again.
Does anyone have any preferences for dates?  I was thinking of the
second Wednesday of each month, for no good reason in particular.
Hmm, I wonder if anyone could volunteer a nice central location
where meetings could be held?  The hall at MyInternet would be ideal.
(*hint hint*)

	For 2002 activities, I have a talk on redispatch in Perl
that I'd be quite happy to present.  I also have from reliable
sources that we can expect Damian Conway (who needs no introduction)
to give a talk in March for  That should be most interesting

	Hope that everyone will find the end-of-year period a relaxing


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