[mnw.pm] Re: Booth Babe rant

Elaine -HFB- Ashton elaine at chaos.wustl.edu
Fri Jul 7 13:50:55 CDT 2000

Sarah Burcham [sarah at pound.perl.org] quoth:
*>The message to women seems to be:  we want women to work side by side 
*>with us at internet startups working 17 hour days but only if they're
*>wearing heels and the latest greatest in makeup and surgical sculpting,
*>and have a smashing modelling portfolio?  I know from personal experience
*>that this isn't the case.  I've had great work environments and been highly
*>regarded by my male peers and the powers that be.  But I certainly don't 
*>feel that respect from the industry as a whole when I step onto the 
*>conference room floor.  Thank You Marketing Majors!

http://www.business2.com/ p. 152 of the latest issue [ currently not on
the website ] has an article on booth babes. Be sure to catch the column
at the back of the mag berating the industry for pandering to

*>the booth babes and see the swag.  But if we're trying to push the envelope
*>on attracting smart vibrant talented women into computing, I think the boot
*>babes only serve to alienate a sizeable portion of your population.  People
*>are sensitive. If you say "well screw them, they weren't made out for it"
*>you're being a boys club that discourages diversity and evolution of
*>the computing culture.

Does this mean you aren't going to sign up for the 'Perl is my bitch'
shirt at YAPC::Europe? ;)

It's time to get tired enough of this behaviour, especially since we
aren't going away. 


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