[mnw.pm] ok, last one :)

Thalia L. Hooker th at womensports.com
Mon Jul 12 16:07:52 CDT 1999

> At last, I discovered the blur tool! :) I'm a complete newbie rube with
> photoshop so forgive my exhuberance. 
the blur looks good.
> Try http://marsneedswomen.pm.org/ for the lastest. To review them all,
> tack on MNW[1-4].jpg.
> I'll be working on the web page later tonight and tomorrow. Send me your
> URLs and stuff that you think would be good to have included! 
I like the white letters and the wider 'mars needs women.'  Have you 
tried using the M, N, W from the same font as the MNW in 'Mars Needs 
Women', but keeping at the height [the font size will probably be 
different] as the 'ars' 'eeds' 'omen'? I don't know if that is going 
to improve it that much, it looks pretty good as it is.


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