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Se me habia pasado de reenviar esto a la lista :-(

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Subject: [pm_groups] Potential group project: The Perl Cookbook
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 23:14:53 -0500
From: G. Wade Johnson <wade at anomaly.org>
To: pm_groups at pm.org

Ben Thomas and I were discussing the fact that The Perl Cookbook is
somewhat out of date and wondered if we could set up a project for
Houston.pm to try to bring some of the recipes up to the standards of
Modern Perl.

As we discussed it, I realized that modifying a large number of these
recipes would quickly exceed the bounds of "fair use" should O'Reilly
decide to complain. So I contacted them through the user group program.

The short form is that O'Reilly is at least provisionally interested in
the idea of a community project to update the Cookbook. They have done
other community-based cookbooks in the past, with some success.

The question is, would more Perl Monger groups want to join in the
fun/work on this?

Depending on the details that we are still ironing out, there would
likely be a website collecting new and updated recipes. We'd probably
want the source for the solutions on something like github. O'Reilly
would want the ability to collect a subset of the recipes (with input
from the community) to form a new edition of the book, if the project
goes well.

The website would continue to be available for updates and contain all
recipes, not just those included in any book.

I've pitched the initial idea to my group. (Without some of the details
at the moment.) Would any other groups be interested in joining in? If
you are interested, I'd be glad to forward the information I sent to my

I've also got a call next week with my O'Reilly contact to iron out
more details. Input from the larger Perl Monger community would
definitely help with that.

Who is interested?
G. Wade
"No Boom today. Boom tomorrow, There's always a boom tomorrow."
                                                  -- Ivanova, "Grail"

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