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Andrew Grangaard agrangaard at rubiconproject.com
Wed Aug 26 23:02:40 PDT 2009

August LA.PM meeting is tomorrow, Thursday August 27 at 7pm. See you

LA.PM homepage and directions: [1]

Our two speakers will be: 
* John Beppo 
  John will be talking about a COMET server he wrote in Perl, and 
  integration into existing web applications. 
* Aran Deltac (bluefeet) 
  Aran presents: Destination Moose 
  Aran is an active CPAN developer, a Software Architect and Manager at
  the organizer behind the Thousand Oaks Perl Mongers, a member of the
Perl Iron Man
  competition, and an advocate of Modern (aka Enlightened) Perl. 
  cpan: bluefeet [2] | website: bluefeet.net [3]

Thanks guys for agreeing to present! Looking forward to it! 


Feel free to comment via my blog [4]

1: http://la.pm.org
2: http://search.cpan.org/~bluefeet/
3: http://bluefeet.net
4: http://www.lowlevelmanager.com/2009/08/august-lapm-update.html

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