[LA.pm] July Recap

Andrew Grangaard agrangaard at rubiconproject.com
Tue Aug 4 16:01:26 PDT 2009

July Perl Mongers recap(1) 

July Perl Mongers was on Thursday, July 16. We had another great crowd
of about 20 people. I found myself having to shoo people out of the
office at 10:30pm so I could get some post-meeting work done. That's
always a good sign. 

David "Xantus" Davis(2) started us off with a quick look at
mojolicious(3). Mojolicious is an MVC framework built on top of mojo. It
is very new and very hip -- and *very* light on documentation at the
moment, so it was neat to see someone who was having fun using it.
Thanks a lot for volunteering your time to present! 

Mon-Chaio's talk on "Interviewing (Perl) Programming Candidates" was
surprisingly well received. I knew he'd give a polished presentation but
didn't know just how much conversation and debate it would engender. I
liked that it wasn't just a thinly veiled recruiting attempt since we're
hiring(4). And who can forget bringing back the term perler(5). MC: Can
you send me your slides, and I'll link them from here. 

Informal polling showed that "Third Thursday" doesn't work well,
possibly because of Mindshare.la(6) but that people like Thursdays. In
August we'll try "Fourth Thursday", August 27, 2009. See you then! 


1) http://www.lowlevelmanager.com/2009/08/july-perl-mongers-recap.html
2) http://xant.us
3) http://mojolicious.org
4) http://www.rubiconproject.com/about/hiring
5) http://www.lowlevelmanager.com/2009/07/perler.html	
6) http://mindshare.la

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