[LA.pm] technical talk recurring schedule

Pablo Velasquez pablo at paeli.com
Thu Dec 29 13:31:24 PST 2005

While I'm at it, I wanted to bring up another question. For the technical 
talks can we pick one place and have them every month (every 2 months) 
consistently. I've heard that this works well for other groups. When I was at 
Phoenix.pm that seemed to work well. 

I know TM isn't centrally located but I bet they'd be willing to house the 
technical meetings every month if we came up with a recurring schedule.

Not sure if this has been tried before or people don't like the idea of having 
a set meeting every month. On the other hand it sounds like a good thing to 
me, just so we all know when the meeting is and where it is every month. It's 
easier to plan to be there.

So here's the proposal, how about 1st Tuesday of every month. Or every other 
month, so one month is the "informal hangin' out" meeting. 

What do you guys think? I'm home sick today so I have a lot of time on my 
hands, in case you're wondering what's up with all of these e-mails :-)


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