Los Angeles Perl Mongers Still Exists!

Samy Kamkar SKamkar at
Tue Aug 13 22:59:16 CDT 2002

Herm...not sure if my email went through earlier today -- but the 
website is up, at (details on the meeting will 
be posted there, although I'm sure Abe will post it elsewhere, as well) ..
And the reason it's not at is because the DNS 
coordinator hasn't changed the IP to where it should be pointing to, yet 
(which I've asked some time ago).  And yes, the list is still up.

But most importantly, no, San Diego happens to be more beautiful ;)

Robert Spier wrote:

> A few weeks ago our glorious leader Samy left us and moved to San
> Diego, that lesser, yet still beautiful, city to the south.  
> He took with him the machine that was hosting the website and
> forwarding the mailing list. 
> So... for now- 
>     we don't have a website.  I just need to figure out which machine
>     it goes on, and then it'll be back.
>     The mailing list can be reached at:
> 	losangeles-pm at
> Now back to what we were chatting about before...
>  we were planning a BBQ.
>  I propose Sunday, August 25th.  That gives us a week to nail down the
>  details, and then a week of notice for people to plan to attend.
>  There were a few potential locations, including a beachfront roof.
>  Was there any consensus?
> -R

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