BBQ - everyone ready?

Abraham Ingersoll abe at
Tue Aug 13 17:46:12 CDT 2002

Hi Folks,

I just got word from Samy that's DNS is hosed for the time 
being. So use losangeles-pm at for now -- same list, different 
address. Samy'll post something once the DNS maintainer gets off 
his arse and updates the zone, but until then .. let's have a BBQ! 

Everyone ready for an event this Saturday, the 17th? Venice Beach, 
roof-style, figure we start around 2pm .. go until it gets dark or we get 
booted of the roof, whichever comes first.

I've cleared it with management, have told all the other neighbors, etc. 
Only comment from the manager was "no open flames -- the fire insurance 
doesn't cover that." Masow (sp?), the musical neighbor on the 2nd floor, 
says he'll be there, ready to play with his band.

I suppose I need to post a map and make a formal announcement to make it 
official, but I wanted to toss a quick message out the to list to make 
sure everyone's still game.

Well .. BBQ, beach, beer, band, fishing, venice .. anyone?


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