[LA.pm] Completely Off Topic, something for sale

Robert Spier rspier at pobox.com
Tue Aug 27 16:31:16 CDT 2002

Since the thread about the next meeting seems to have completely
petered out - although I think Ask will be talking about Optimizing
Apache (location TBA, date TBA) I have some hardware for sale that I'd
love to get off my hands.

I've got two (well, three) Sun E250's with D1000 disk arrays.  Right
now they're in my car.  That means I need to take them home and carry
them up stairs and hope I don't damage anything (myself more likely
than the servers.)

If anyone is interested in these devices, please contact me off-list.
I'm selling them for a friend, and the convenience of not having to
lug them to Mailboxes Etc. and deal with EBay is worth a hefty


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