[LA.pm] Next Meeting

Ask Bjoern Hansen ask at develooper.com
Sun Aug 18 20:19:49 CDT 2002

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002, Robert Spier wrote:

>     So, it's time to start thinking about our next meeting.. Lets try
>     and make it somewhat technical, towards the end of September?

Some talks we have in stock are:

the "Quick CVS Tutorial" (all you need to know to start using CVS
and a few things you probably didn't know even if you do use CVS
every day; ~60 minutes).


"Real world performance tuning for mod_perl" (do more with less,
setup proxies and caches to save lots of memory and make your
database server idle; ~90 minutes).


 - ask

ask bjoern hansen, http://www.askbjoernhansen.com/ !try; do();

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