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Erick Calder e at arix.com
Thu Aug 15 22:58:02 CDT 2002

took me a bit to understand what you were saying.  to paraphrase: create a
second account (with your primary account) and just don't use it (by turning
it off)

I've sent this message by setting my "reply-to" to the sub-account... I'm
wondering whether it got moderated?

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At 11:21 PM 8/14/2002, Robert Spier wrote:
>p.s. please post to the list from the address you are subscribed to
>it, so that your message doesn't need to go through moderation.

One way of doing this for those with a public sub address
and a dominant main email address is to sub the dominant
in mailman at http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/losangeles-pm
and then when you have confirmed your subscription, use the
link in the welcome to edit your options for just your
dominant subscription to not get posts and to not be displayed.

I just did that now.  So this should go through without moderation.

Thanks Robert for pointing out this need to avoid working
your fingers to nubs.


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