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As you all know, YAPC::Europe is coming up.  Since it's happening right
around Oktoberfest, space is probably going to be a bit tight, so I
thought it would be time to start talking travel.

After looking into things, the situation seems to be this:

         Airfare is approximately $700-750, depending on various factors
         such as weekend travel, originating city, taxes, etc.

         Hotels are already getting tight. The last day of the conference
         is the 20th, and that night could easily be a problem, with
         Oktoberfest lurking. Thus the need to get going on this.

If we want to do any kind of group travelling, it behooves us to move on
this. I'm not sure how much group rates and such will help, but
certainly, the more people we have, the greater the possible clout we'll
have in working out anything special. At this point, of course, further
investigation is somewhat pointless unless we have interest.

All that aside, it might well be more enjoyable to travel as a group.

If you have interest in participating, mail me at
<yapc at>. If you have any further information
(unobvious dates, further travel you may wish to do, etc.), please
include that.


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