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Bryan Backer bbacker at
Sun Sep 9 14:16:26 CDT 2001

Greetings all,

After checking my calendar, it looks like I'm out
of town Oct 6th but could attend if the meeting is
Oct 13th. Also, I'd be happy to pass along what
I've learned about Inline::C next time or whenever.
Some of the material would be from practical
experience, some from what I learned at
Brian Ingerson's half day tutorial
at the O'Reilly Conference. For the curious and
impatient, :)  pointers to his various talks and info
in Inline are at

Thanks for organizing all this Samy!

Bryan Backer
bbacker at
cell: 626 644 7466

"Samy Kamkar [CommPort5]" wrote:

> We had a great meeting today (14 people [but no JPL people showed up!])
> and some dinner afterwards with a few of us.
> We should decide if the next meeting should be on October 6th or 13th
> and it all depends on what you guys want.  So please email me or the
> list with your request (both Saturdays).
> Also, for the next meeting we would like to have talks on Inline C,
> graphical toolkits, Oracle and system administration with perl.  If
> you're speaking for one of those (Brian, Robert, James, Scott - you are
> the ones that want to speak on them I believe), speak up and let me get
> a short description of the talk you'd like to do.
> Great seeing a lot of you and meeting some new people, too.  Talk to you
> soon,
> -Samy
> --
> Samy Kamkar -- (877) 898-1424 -- CommPort5 at
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