Jun Meeting

Andy Murren andy at murren.org
Mon Jun 4 11:21:09 CDT 2001

Well gang it is now Jun and we should start talking about when we want
to have our monthly meeting.  We need to agree on both a time and
place.  I vote for 

Sunday 17 Jun
The Dublin Pub

Of course I realize that the is the 'Long Valley Perl Mongers', but I
have not heard anything from anyone west of Chester.

My wife is out of town from Wed 6 Jun until Sat 16 Jun.  I may or may
not be able to get a sitter for that time frame.

Steve and I talked about doing a MoLUG (Morristown Linux Users Group)
meeting concurrently with the LVPM meeting.  Is anyone interested in
doing that?  Maybe we can get more folks to show if we combine them.

Steve, since you have access to servers and domains, would you be
willing to set up a LVPM web site?  If you need help with anything
contact the list and we'll see what help we can render.


Andy Murren
andy at murren.org
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