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> this is forwarded from manning and they are offering each pm group a
> free copy of data munging with perl by dave cross.
> uri
> New Book Announcement: Data Munging with Perl by David Cross
> January 18, 2001
> This message is being sent to you as a representative of a Perl Mongers
> group. To learn more about one of Manning's newest Perl books and to find
> out how to get a complimentary copy for your group, please read the
> following announcement.
> _____________________________________________________________________
> Manning Publications Co. announces the release of Data Munging with Perl.
> The ebook edition is available now exclusively from the publisher's web
> site, The print edition will be available later in
> this month.
> The transformation of data from one format to another, colloquially
> "munging," is one of the most common programmer tasks. This new Manning
> examines this important process in detail and shows how well suited Perl
> for these tasks. Although aspects of data munging are much discussed
> within the Perl community, this is the first Perl book entirely focused on
> munging.
> The book covers appropriate methods for reading and writing various data
> formats, from unstructured text files through record based file formats
> binary data, to highly structured formats like HTML and XML. XML is fast
> becoming one of the most frequently seen data formats and this book is the
> first to cover XML processing with Perl in some depth. The book culminates
> with techniques for building parsers that will handle any file format you
> are likely to need. If you are a programmer who munges data, this book
> save you time. It will teach you systematic and powerful techniques using
> Perl.
> What's inside:
> ~ Using CPAN modules like Number::Format, Date::Manip, Text::CSV_XS
> ~ Making your code concise using Perl's special variables (like $/, $" and
> $_)
> ~ Building data parsers using Parse::RecDescent
> ~ Processing of HTML and XML
> For a closer look at Data Munging with Perl, Manning offers components of
> the book online: the Table of Contents, two sample chapters, the Index,
> source code and direct access to the author's expertise via the Author
> Online discussion forum. . Even those who do not own the book can tap into
> these features. Just go to
> Dave Cross is the owner and Managing Director of Magnum Solutions Ltd., an
> Internet and database consultancy based in London. He has 12 years'
> experience working in the IT industry. He is an active member of the Perl
> community, the founder of the London Perl Mongers, and is a regular
> columnist for Perlmonth, the online Perl magazine.
> Manning actively supports user groups by donating complementary copies of
> our books for presentation at meetings, for raffle prizes and for group
> libraries. For a copy of this book, please email your request to Helen
> Trimes at hetr at Please include the book title, format (print
> ebook), your name, the user group's name and your shipping address.
> As a small but growing computer book publisher, we appreciate the value of
> word of mouth. You can help by posting book reviews on a mailing list, on
> Web site, in a magazine or ezine, on a newsgroup or at an online
> Manning is committed to supporting the Perl community and we appreciate
> interest in Manning books. Please inquire about author speaking
> at user group meetings by contacting hetr at
> Manning ebooks, downloaded in pdf format, contain the complete text and
> illustrations of the printed edition, plus a linked index and bookmarks to
> every entry in the Table of Contents. To order Data Munging with Perl,
> edition, go to the publisher's Web site
> At $13.50, it is a considerable
> saving off the printed edition. As an added perk, buyers of the ebook who
> later decide to purchase the print edition will receive a $13.50 discount.
> That is like getting the ebook free. To take advantage of this offer, you
> must order both editions from the Manning site.
> Data Munging with Perl, ebook edition is available now in PDF format.
> for the release of Data Munging with Perl, print edition at an
> discount of 20% off at the publisher's Web site later this month.
> Information on telephone and FAX orders is also available at the site, but
> the 20% discount applies *only* to online orders of the printed version of
> this book.
> Manning print editions are available from the publisher's Web site and
> everywhere that technical books are sold. Manning ebook editions are sold
> exclusively through the publisher's Web site.
> Data Munging with Perl
> By David Cross
> ISBN 1930110-006
> Ebook Edition: PDF format, 2 MB, $13.50
> Print edition: Softbound, 304 pages, $36.95
> Helen Trimes
> Publicist
> Manning Publications Co.
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