encryption & decryption

Stephane Rondal rondal at usa.net
Fri Jan 5 02:54:41 CST 2001

> anyone familiar with encrypting & decrypting data ?

> I have a database that contains adress info of clients, i want to
> encrypt it, so In case somebody steals the database its useless for
> the person who doesn't know the decryption system.
> It has to be able to run on NT, i tried some things, but really can't
> figure it out (I don't want to use pgp encryption!)

Not really familiar with encryption, except with MD5, but 2 ideas out of my

I think you've been trying to use Crypt-DES and Crypt-CBC
from CPAN. Where exactly lies the problem? Compilation under NT,
tests failed, ... ? Let us know.

Have you tried to use the Pure Perl (PP) versions of these modules:
Crypt-DES_PP or even Crypt-Blowfish_PP? These should not
give you any compatibility problems.

The other idea is not really Perl related: use your database
encryption facilities. However I can't help there, except maybe under


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