Crypt:: on nt

Stephane Rondal rondal at
Wed Jan 3 01:35:07 CST 2001


I don't know if this is of any help, but I'll send you 
a copy of vc++5.0 nmake.exe
Let me know if this has solved the problem.
I've never installed these modules myself.

What are you tring to do with these crypt::* modules?


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Subject: Crypt:: on nt

> ello..
>       I'm trying to do write some crypt routines..
>       i'm in a win32 envir. (nt) and can't properly install crypt:des
>       & crypt:cbc
>       anyone got some experience on this level ? it seems that my
>       nmake.exe isn't accurate enough ??? i should need to use make
>       from vc++ 5.0
>       respons may be direct via e-mail or in this list (if this isn't
>       off topic discussion)
> sincerely,
> danny

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