interested in a first meeting?

Wim Verhaegen wim.verhaegen at
Fri Jun 16 04:13:54 CDT 2000

Stephane Rondal wrote:

> I'm thinking about setting up our first meeting.
> Before going into too much details, I'd like to
> know how many of you are interested in meeting.

I am interested in a meeting, but had a minor accident yesterday
and I am limping around with a plaster now ;-) Any transportation
might therefore not be convenient for me the 1st weeks, but don't
let that be a hindrance in organizing a 1st meeting. I can always
kick in in a 2nd one, I guess.

> Also, could you let me know where you live, if
> you're willing to travel, your availability (2nd fortnight
> of July or 1st fortnight of August), you preferences
> (week-end/week, pub/(cheap) restaurant, ...)

I live in Leuven, Belgium. This is only 40min from Liege, so any
place around there is fine to me. I prefer meeting during the week,
and exact location does not matter. I think a little restaurant
is best suited for an informal meeting, but I'll leave that up
to Stephane.

> We will have to setup a plan for this meeting, what we want
> to discuss, ... There will be the presentation of the different
> members, a definition of our objectives, ...

No specific thoughts so far. I am not as immersed in computer science
as the others are: I am an electrical engineer and use perl for 
applications mainly. However, my interests are broader than my experience,
so don't hold back!


PS: maybe a short introduction on myself: I am Wim, age 27, living in
    Leuven. I am a research assistant  at the electrical engineering dept.
    of K.U.Leuven university, where I am responsible for maintaining perl.
    Besides that, I find myself writing ever more Perl than C++ programs,
    and have become somewhat addicted to it. I have a vivid interest in
    anything that happens in the Perl community and would welcome the
    local activities you suggested.

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