factoring in Perl

Stephane Rondal rondal at usa.net
Wed Jun 14 02:35:54 CDT 2000

The best resource I know of is the GOF book
(Analysis and Design Patterns/Addison-Wesley, don't have the reference handy). 
Though it's not Perl related, it does explain the mechanisms of an object
factory from an implementation point of view. I think the example is in C++,
but it should not be too difficult to port it to Perl. If you need help....
(I just love how Perl incorporated the OO paradigm)

I have other books on design patterns. Just have to check if they
contain other factory patterns. But again, none of these are Perl specific.
Here's a nice book idea ;-)


PS. Object factory in VB! Must be kidding ;-)

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  Would anyone happen to know a resource on factoring and/or design patterns in Perl?  I'm currently using a kind of factory to instantiate different classes, but after reading an article on implementing a factory in VB, I would like to put that mechanism to work in Perl.  That sad thing is VB hides a lot of mechanisms, so I need more insight, preferably from the Perl point of view.

  any suggestions welcome


  Steven Devijver
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