LPM: Problems with text::template

David Hempy hempy at ket.org
Wed Jun 21 20:41:33 CDT 2000

At 09:23 PM 6/21/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Okay, I am playing with text::template for the first time - thanks to 
>Rich's discussion on it.  I have a template that includes some perl... 
>something like this:
><!-- Begin News Text -->
>Get news here:  {&getnews;''}
>The {$variable} does fine.  The problem is with the lines like:
>Get news here:  {&getnews;''}
>What it is doing is it is taking any subroutine results and displaying 
>them (returning them) first, and then is giving my template....

Your subroutine should return the text, not print it.


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