LPM: DynamicSTATE's Perl2Exe

Janine Ladick janine.ladick at fetterprinting.com
Wed Jan 12 07:05:03 CST 2000

> Now that you mention it, I have tried using Perl2Exe. It's been over a
> year since my last confession with Perl2Exe, but if memory serves me, it
> also produces sizeable executables (in the megabytes depending on what
> modules you use). However, performance was excellent. I was parsing
> large CSV files and producing umpteen HTML pages from the data. I don't
> remember using any modules, notably the DBD::CSV module.

Did you use the Lite version or the...uh...Heavy (Pro) version?  Pro 
supports an option for creating small executables and I wonder just 
how small they are in comparison to what Perl2Exe would otherwise 


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