LPM: ActiveState's PerlApp

Rich Bowen rbowen at rcbowen.com
Tue Jan 11 13:51:43 CST 2000

Janine Ladick wrote:
> Hello, List!
> Have any of you used ActiveState's PerlApp?  From the web site, I
> gather that PerlApp creates executables from Perl scripts so that
> you can run 'em on machines without Perl.  This interests me; I'm
> working on a few utility scripts that use Tk to provide what I hope is
> a nice user interface, and I'd prefer to distribute .exe files to my
> users (um, all two of them) rather than commit myself to installing
> and maintaining Perl on their PCs.
> Does anyone care to share a success (or failure) story or know of
> ways other than PerlApp to create standalone Perl applications?

The resulting exe is HUGE, but it seems to work just fine. It basically
has the entire Perl runtime in it, as well as whatever modules you used.
They had a free trial version for a while (not sure if they still have
that) and you could use it 5 times, or something like that.

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