LPM: Text::Template and server-side includes in HTML files

sungo at earthling.net sungo at earthling.net
Thu Aug 31 14:13:21 CDT 2000

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, David Hempy wrote:

> I imagine the reason you can't get the server to do SSI's in a CGI 
> program is that you *should* be able to put anything you
> want in there yourself, without needing the server to do it...in 
> theory, anyway.  Pain in my ass is what it really is.

the reason you cant do ssi in cgi is that ssi is parsed by the web server
before the headers and what not are even sent out. in cgi stuff, the
server cant parse your content because it doesnt have the data before
sending out headers and what not. 

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