LPM: module reading group

ken.rietz at asbury.edu ken.rietz at asbury.edu
Fri Aug 25 13:14:09 CDT 2000

> > >  - It's probably a good idea to have a pumpking.  Volunteers?
> > 
> > That's easy. I volunteer Rich. :-) (Told ya it was easy.)
> Ho Ho. It is to laugh.

Great. Nothing better than a happy pumpking :-)

> > I'll volunteer to be under-pumpking ... pumpviceroy ... 
> > uhh, what *do*
> > you call it?
> Lackey

I was thinking "drudge", but didn't want to say that, either.

> > Definitely, have everyone read about it first. Then, 
> > someone who has a
> > good grasp of it (and that could change from meeting to 
> > meeting) give an
> > overview. Then we all can jump in with questions and try to 
> > work out the
> > rougher parts together.
> I have Lincoln Stein's book about CGI.pm (signed, even!) but 
> someone has
> borrowed it at the moment. If'When I get it back, perhaps I can make
> some comments about how Lincoln tackles a reading of the module.

Yeah, I'd say he understands it. Maybe whoever has the book could
read/summarize for us the relevant sections (assuming someone in
LPM has it).

-- Ken

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